I'm Candice

I’m a wife, mother of 4, and a photographer and business coach that believes in strong marriages, strong families and clients that become friends! Almost ten years ago I started my photography journey when my father placed my first camera in my hands. I’m not sure he truly knew how much that would change my life and the lives of my future clients.  

MEntor | Teacher | Mother | creator

 Hi Friends!

You see, my parents grew up in one of the poorest parts of West Virginia. They saw a vision for themselves and their family that they just couldn’t fulfill in West Virginia. They wanted more. They got their college degrees (the first in their families) and moved away from all that they knew to chase the life they wanted with two young children in tow. For all of my life, my father told me to chase my dreams like he did. I’m so thankful for the sacrifices my parents made because now I’m living my dreams, too! Today, I serve clients all over the country by photographing some of the most special moments in their lives. I’m so blessed to serve clients in both of my homes of Northern Virginia and Charleston, SC, (and sometimes beyond).

I create relationships that last well beyond the wedding day

Family is everything


Get to KNow me Better

I Believe In


real, authentic laughs

Strong Marriages and happy families

Fun wedding days and building deep relationships that lasT well beyond the sparkler send off.

Capturing life's special moments often and beautifully.

living in the moments you want to remember. You'll treasure the memories...and the photos...forever.





Serving both My homes

Charleston, South Carolina

After years of dreaming, we’re making Charleston our second home! I’m happy to serve clients in a place that I love so much! Sweet tea and the ocean breeze stole my heart long ago!


Still serving and will always serve in the place where it all began! My time will always be well spent at local wineries and exploring the gorgeous architecture of the Nation’s Capital. 

And Worldwide

It's not just me

Meet My assistant

For years, Alexis has been the support behind the scenes with Candice Adelle Photography!  She shares a love for people and all things creative which make she and Candice the true dream team. When she isn't creating gorgeous albums designs or supporting our awesome clients, she's working full time as a nurse at Inova hospital in Northern Virginia; a true testament to her heart of serving.