Ok, so what is it exactly? 

This isn’t about another strategy, this is about YOU building the business you were meant to have. About you being the person you’re meant to be! 

The "Booked Solid" Group Coaching Program

The Booked Solid Group Coaching Program is a comprehensive coaching program that helps aspiring and established wedding photographers grow their business.

 Whether that be from zero to 40 wedding bookings per year or zero to six figure earnings, this program teaches you how to build your wedding photography business through easy to apply/no cost marketing techniques.

 All the while, you’ll create new friendships and partnerships within a group atmosphere as you build your business side by side with others in your industry.

 You’ll learn the exact steps to growing your business quickly and sustainably without investing thousands of dollars into high risk marketing channels.  

Imagine this...


What if your photography calendar was booked out 1-2 years in advance?

What if you were charging what you know you’re worth and clients were banging down your door to book you?

What if you had tons of clients that absolutely adore you and your work and refer you over and over again?

What if you had a network full of wedding professionals that were so delighted to work with you that they referred you to all of their clients?

What if photography was your full time job and replaced the income from that job you’ve been wanting to leave for so long?

What if you had the time with your family that you’ve always wanted because your photography business provides the income that you need to make the schedule and life that YOU want?

When you have the tools to properly market your business to your dream clients, all of your photography dreams can come true!  

Let me tell you a story...

Meet “Sally”. Sally wanted to break into wedding photography but didn’t know how. So, to get her foot in the door, she advertised her wedding photography services in FACEBOOK GARAGE SALE GROUPS and on her feed!

She offered her services for the LOWEST COST SHE COULD to guarantee that she’d fit into everyone’s budget. But Sally was frustrated because she wasn’t getting any inquiries. And the ones that she was getting were constantly trying to negotiate her already low prices. The clients that she was lucky enough to book don’t seem to value her and she was left feeling stuck and unappreciated. NOT TO MENTION BROKE!

Sally got FED UP and decided to get some help!

 Sally and I started working together to improve her marketing and approach to gaining new clients.

 Sally learned all of the tools that she needed to start getting wedding bookings without spending thousands of dollars on marketing. She learned how to keep the referrals rolling in month after month without charging prices that are way too low!

 She’s so excited that her efforts are finally paying off and she’s learned all of these strategies alongside other photographers that are in the same boat. Not only does Sally now have a THRIVING BUSINESS, she also has some new friends to cheer her on as she watches her business grow!

 She’s even said that investing in herself through a program with me was “THE BEST INVESTMENT [SHE'S] EVER MADE”!


"If you’re serious about pushing yourself and your business further beyond what you could ever imagine, you need to work with Candice."

 In my time with Candice these last few months, I’ve gained confidence in my business decisions (which she noted), my photography, and defining my brand. My time with Candice pushed me further and allowed me to sharpen my focus to achieve [my] goals, change my mindset about my business/personal/finances and set my business up for success for the long run. If you’re serious about pushing yourself and your business further beyond what you could ever imagine, you need to work with Candice. She’ll be your biggest cheerleader!



When starting my journey into wedding photography, I thought that I needed to spend thousands of dollars on marketing websites to get my name out there.

 I made the calls, talked to the sales experts, and almost wrote that big check every month to have my business name thrown onto the 5th, 6th or 28th page of the “big name” wedding website!

 Before I did that, I asked around and heard from so many wedding photographers that they wasted their money. They got NO BOOKINGS and were out thousands of hard earned dollars that they really couldn’t afford to spend.

 They were throwing money at the wall hoping it would stick and it didn’t!


 Keep reading before you make that leap and HUGE investment.

Now, how about this? Have you ever advertised in Facebook yard sale groups?

 What did you find?

 Probably the same thing I found when I advertised in yard sale groups...people looking for yard sale prices. FACEBOOK PRICE SHOPPERS DON'T RECOGNIZE QUALITY, they want the cheapest thing they can find!

 And most of the time, they’re not satisfied even with what they’ve agreed to purchase. When dealing with these types of clients, I walked away feeling frustrated, demotivated, and down right RESENTFUL!

Early on in my photography journey, I thought that in order to stay competitive and to get all of the bookings, my prices had to be DIRT CHEAP!

 What did I find when cutting my prices too low?

 MY IDEAL CLIENTS DIDN'T TRUST THOSE LOW PRICES. In fact, I was cutting prices so low that they were skeptical that there must be something wrong.

Why was I so cheap?

 I missed out on a ton of potential clients because I just didn’t know how to price myself properly! And you might be missing out on those clients, too!


You can that too!  I'll show you how!

the "booked solid" group coaching program

It’s not just a program! It’s a movement! It’s time to create the business and life that you desire!

you'll learn
step by step
how to grow your business without expensive marketing tactics  

Limited Time Special Pricing

What you'll learn

How to produce a steady stream of
referrals through relationship marketing.

How to wow your clients with beautiful and consistent images each and every time.

How to attract your ideal clients through effective branding.

How to build a solid client referral base by going above and beyond for your clients.

How to price yourself effectively so you’re not giving away your soul but also staying competitive.

How to build industry long lasting wedding industry relationships that will fuel your referrals and sky rocket your bookings.

What you get!

Only one payment! Your chance to get two months free!

what you'll get

 ~ 6 Group Coaching Calls Over 12 Weeks To Learn, Develop And Perfect Your Business Skills!

~ Exclusive Access To The Perfect Portrait System and Editing Videos That Will Teach You How To Confidently Shoot In All Outdoor Lighting Situations So You Can Quickly Think On Your Feet On Wedding Day!

~ A Full Set Of Email Templates So You Can Communicate Quickly And Effectively With Potential And Future Clients.  

~ A Dedicated Facebook Group Where You Can Collaborate With Other Group Members And Get Additional Support When You Need It!

Pay In Full Bonus:

~You’ll receive 60 days of unlimited Voxer access for one on one questions and support!

How is the coaching program different than other programs?

You’ll learn how to develop deeply rooted marketing techniques to keep your business booking new clients month after month, year after year. You won’t have to rely on expensive marketing programs that may or may not work.  

Start growing your six figure business

Only $495

in this group coaching program, we have one goal:


That’s our goal. We’ll do everything it takes to get you there! This is your chance! Everything you want wants you back. Take that leap NOW!

I'm Candice

I’m a wife, mother of 4, and a photographer and business coach that believes in strong marriages, strong families and clients that become friends! Almost ten years ago I started my photography journey when my father placed my first camera in my hands. I’m not sure he truly knew how much that would change my life and the lives of my future clients.  

MEntor | Teacher | Mother | creator

 Hi Friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m brand new into photography, is this for me?

YES! No matter where you are in your photography journey, you NEED to set the right framework for success!  Starting NOW is the best option for optimal success in the future!


Yes! You can sign up for an easy payment plan!  

How will I get the training materials?

You will have access to all of the materials video trainings in the Member’s Only Site. Once you register, you’ll receive a unique username and password sent right to your inbox.  


Absolutely!  No matter where you are in your journey, you'll learn all of the tools that you need to grow your business even further!


Yes! You can use these tools to grow your business anywhere and everywhere.  And, oh by the way, every market is saturated!  But there's only one YOU!  Your clients are waiting for you!!!


No more excuses!

Don’t let fear get in the way of an AMAZING future for you and your business!

I know how doubt and worry can creep in when you’re moving forward with your dreams. Believe me, there’s no reason not to give yourself the experience of this course. Keep your dreams in mind and give your dream life and business a chance!

Are you thinking…

I don’t have time.

We have made this program easy to implement! We meet once per month where you can get any and ALL of your questions answered. You’ll also have one monthly training to review and study that you can complete from virtually anywhere. It’s doable for even the busiest person. Trust me, I know! If a busy mom of 4 running a business can do this, YOU can do this! Your dreams are worth it!

I’m not sure if i’m really ready…

Well, let me be the first to tell you that you’re not here by accident. Here we believe that when our hearts are ready for more, the resources appear! You discovered this for a reason. Take the leap! Try it for a month and see how your life and business can change!

It’s time to move forward towards your dreams! You have them for a reason! Follow them!!! Invest in yourself! Something that will have a long-term effect! 

Ready for big results?

Your future self will thank you

If you’re ready to have the business and life of your dreams, then we’re looking for YOU! If you’re ready to put int he work, to participate and to take action, then join today!

Have questions?

Get in touch with us!

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