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Hi there! Welcome to the Candice Adelle blog, a journal about the love stories and families of my sweet clients that I call friends, info for photographers, my family. and the occasional thoughts that I like to share!

I'm Candice!

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Annie and Fred are the sweetest and quite possibly the most adventurous couple I’ve ever met. They LOVE to travel and love each other so incredibly much! Their wedding day was a rainy one but their adventurous spirit shown through as we took gorgeous portraits in the rain and not one rain drop seemed to […]

October 16, 2018


Liz and Tim! I love their creative souls. They both live in Los Angeles and work in the creative field, film specifically for Tim, but met each other many years ago. Their paths first crossed in high school at Paul VI but split for a little while as they went in separate directions after graduation. […]

September 1, 2016


Larisa and Greg were married at the same venue where they got engaged! In fact, they got engaged on an uncharacteristically cold and snowy day in April at Stone Tower Winery. The snow was coming in sideways because of the crazy wind we were having. I know because I was there that day. I wasn’t […]

July 22, 2016


Two things that I love: 1.) The Maryland shore 2.) An amazing couple on said shore for their wedding day! Those are a couple of the perks of being a Maryland wedding photographer!  Chelsea and Jonathan are truly one of the most kind, genuine couples that I have ever had the privilege to meet and […]

July 6, 2016