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This is WEEK 2 of Building Your Wedding Business.  Here you’ll find MORE great tips for building the wedding business of your dreams!!!

Before we get into all of the awesomeness today, I have to ask you a few questions. And maybe you should also be asking yourself these?
• Are you where you want to be in your business?
• Are you confused about how to break into the industry?
• Are you struggling with building relationships?
• Are you DREAMING of working from home?

If this is you…KEEP READING!

I struggled in the beginning trying to get my footing in the wedding industry.  But then I started doing these things below and watched my business take off almost over night!  This can happen to you too!

Below you’ll find my best tips for networking your way to a profitable business!

Attend Networking Groups and Events

If your’e anything like me, the thoughts of networking make you want to completely freak and huddle into your introverted shell.  But trust me on this one!  No-one is more socially awkward that this girl right here.  If I can make this work, you TOTALLY can!

This was huge for my business when I was starting out!  And I still do this today!!!

1.)  Find a BNI Group  BNI stands for “Business Networking International”. You can go directly to their site, to view all of the different chapters in your area and all over the world. There are tons of them. For me, when I was just starting my business, I needed a way to get my name out there very quickly to people in my community. So, I visited my local BNI group and it was huge, huge, huge for my business. BNI is special because the groups is focused on referring their members.  Each member is actively looking for referrals for the members every. single. day!  All you need is ONE good referral to really propel your business.  So, take action!  Go to the BNI website, find a chapter in your area, and attend one of their meetings. It could be the boost you need to really grow your business!

2.)  Attend Chamber of Commerce Functions Want to really get to know tons of other business owners and potential clients in your area? Attend Chamber of Commerce functions. Contact your local chamber to see when they are having mixers and other events you can attend.  If you happen to find someone that is already a member, you may be able to tag along for free.  And if you’re nervous about attending a networking group alone, bring a buddy.  There’s always strength in numbers!  And don’t forget business cards!!!  Make sure you’re following up with the people that you meet at these events.  Show them value!  Schedule one on one meet ups to learn more about their businesses and how you can best refer them.  If you do this for them, naturally they will want to do this for you!

3.)  Attend Wedding Vendor Meetups  Research wedding groups that are meeting in your area. You can typically find out what groups are available in your area by simply doing a google search or contacting venues in your area.  Vendors typically will be able to give you the scoop about what is going on in you target area.  And if there aren’t any meet ups, start your own!  Contact local vendors for coffee shop meet up to collaborate and build relationships!  Great business and personal relationships may just be an email away!

Start using these tips today to really get the needle moving for your wedding business!


P.S.  Do yo want to grow your wedding business?  Do you want to go full time?  Do you want more time with your family?  Click HERE  for your FREE one on one coaching call to get you started!

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