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Tips for Building a Wedding Business you LOVE!

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I’m really excited that you are here reading this today because this is the first of a series of emails over the next few weeks that are designed to help you grow your wedding business.

• Are you breaking into the wedding business?
• Are you growing a wedding business that you already have?
• Are you feeling stuck?
• Are you not getting traction in the wedding industry?
• Do you have NO IDEA how to break into the industry?

Just  few years ago I was in the same position. I didn’t know how to grow my wedding business.  But then I started using these exact steps to grow by business from zero to six figures!  I did this  in NO TIME!

Stick with me and you can do it, too!!!

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Build Relationships with Other Wedding Vendors

The number one tip that I have for you today is building relationships with other people within the wedding industry, regardless of whether you have shot a wedding yet or not. Or for those of you that aren’t wedding photographers, these tips apply to you as well.

In order to start building those relationships, do these things:

1.) Make a list of the vendors you want to work with in the industry.  

Some of those vendors include wedding photographers, planners, cake artists, DJs, caterers, anybody within the wedding industry.  I recommend taking every single one of these categories of vendors that you want to work with and researching the contact information for at least 3 vendors in that category.  .

2.)  Reach out to those vendors!

Once you have the names for those individuals and their contact information, you need to be reaching out to them, whether it be through email or phone. But, what do you say when you are putting together that email? Feel free to use the template below:

Hello, (wedding vendor),

My name is (Your name here)!  I am a (photographer) in the (Northern Virginia area). I would love to come out and visit your venue and learn more about what you have to offer potential brides and how I can best refer you.  When is a great time to come out to meet with you?

Remember that you really should be taking on the stance of, “What can I do to help you in your business? What can I do to serve you? What can I do to refer you better”?

That is the best way to be building relationships within this industry.

When you reach out to them with a heart of serving and a heart of wanting to bring more value to whomever it is that you are working with or that you want to build that relationship with, naturally they’re going to want to refer to you as well.

3.)  Make sure you’re reaching out to others in your same wedding industry category!

I can’t tell you how many referrals that I’ve gotten from other photographers. Sometimes we’re booked and we want to be able to refer our potential clients to somebody that’s amazing and that we trust. So make those connections with other people within that same vein that you are in in the wedding industry.

4.)  Be patient and consistent!

Building a relationship is more than just that one time meeting. It can take time. Continue nurturing that relationship by reaching out to those vendors and asking how you can help build their business.  For photographers, keep sending your photos to your vendors you’ve worked with.  They NEED your photos!  And they will reward you handsomely with their referrals.

Remember, success in this business is all about serving. It’s all about offering value to your clients and also fellow wedding vendors!


P.S.  Do yo want to grow your wedding business?  Do you want to go full time?  Do you want more time with your family?  Click HERE  for your FREE one on one coaching call to get you started!

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