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There are so many things to check off of the to do list when planning a wedding. Music at the reception is yet another piece of the puzzle to the perfect wedding day. Not only do DJ’s provide the music which keeps the party alive at most receptions, they can also provide some great insight with regard to keeping the reception fun and running smoothly. Bobby G from Bobby G’s Disc Jockeys has been in the DJ business for over 10 years and has performed countless weddings over that time. He has seen it all and offers some great advice for a fun, stress free reception for the wedding couple and guests.

Tip #1-Be Flexible.
Most couples put together a detailed list of songs to be played at the reception which is great, but don’t be afraid to allow the guests to make requests. If you want to ensure that the guests have the best time possible, be open to song requests. And who knows, your guest just might request a song that you love that you might have forgotten. It would be a travesty to miss out on Garth Brook’s, “Friends in Low Places” because it slipped your mind to put in on the list! But beyond that, you want your guests to have a great time and allowing them to request songs can really keep the party lively.

Tip #2-Listen to the Advice of Your DJ
Chances are your DJ has served tons of couples and has learned a few things with regard to having a fun reception! Don’t be afraid to lean on your DJ for advice regarding timelines and popular songs. While I could spend the night footloosing it to Kenny Loggins, Madonna, and Duran Duran and I would hope that all of my guests would love that too, that’s probably not the case. Typically DJ’s can give you some great pointers on what songs to play and how to structure your evening so EVERYONE has a great time! And don’t be afraid to ask if the DJ will come out into the crowd to teach the guests different dances. It’s always a great bonus if the DJ can cut a rug!

Tip #3-Don’t Cut Your Cake Too Soon!
I think this is a great tip and something that most couples probably never even consider. Once your delicious cake has been cut, a lot of your guests will start to call it a night and head home. You certainly don’t want that to happen when you have booked your venue until midnight and it’s only 8:00! Keep that delicious cake in tact until a little later in the evening to ensure that your guests hang around for a little while longer to enjoy the party!

I hope these tips give a just a bit more insight into your wedding day! Happy planning!

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