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The wedding guest book has been a tradition since…well, I don’t even know how long ago. In my opinion, it’s a great idea but always has been just a tad bit boring. I have a guest book from my wedding and I can honestly tell you that I have NEVER bothered to look at it. Now there is a really cool new spin on the old tradition of guestbooks. It’s called the “interactive guestbook”. I found this while searching for a cool new template for my wedding clients this year and thought that it would be a super fun idea!

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Wedding Photographer_0235.jpg

This particular template is from Design Aglow and is completely customizable. From the album color all the way down to each little swirly detail, it can all be changed…which I love!

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Wedding Photographer_0236.jpg

What makes this guest book so special is that instead of the horizontal lines for signatures, each page asks a different question for the guest to answer. There are tons of questions on the template or you can make your own. How fun is that?

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Wedding Photographer_0238.jpg

Also, each page has drop in areas for photos. For this template, we used the bride and groom’s engagment photos. It was a great way for them to show off all of their favorites at their wedding.

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Wedding Photographer_0237.jpg

And the pages are perfect for signing. A silver or gold sharpie looks great on these pages.

This is such a cool idea for a modern day guest book. What a great way for the bride and groom to remember their day! And it’s super fun for the guests too!

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