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Last week I introduced a new blog and educational series that is so near and dear to my heart. It is THE reason that I get up every morning, put one foot in front of the other, live out my passion in my work, and continue moving forward when I feel like so many things are trying to weigh me down. It’s my WHY! Now, let me be clear, my “why” is incredibly multifaceted as I’m sure it is for you. It’s full of so many life experiences, people, emotions! That’s why I wanted to make this a series because my “why” could never be summed up in one post. It’s ever changing and evolving and so beautiful that it deserves more time to explain. And it really is one of heart’s desires to help others find their “why”, too! So, I hope you’ll continue to follow along each Wednesday as something new is introduced about finding your “why”. And be sure to pick up Simon Sinek’s book, “Find Your Why” if you haven’t already. Here is a link to make it even easier for you CLICK HERE.

So, back to my BIG why! Early on in my photography career, well, before it even became a career, my children were the main “focus” of my photography. See what I did there? Focus? Anyway, I picked up a camera for the first time in a long time just to photograph them. I wanted to capture some of those sweet, fleeting moments before I missed them. And let me tell you, they do go so quickly. After practicing my skills for some time, friends began to take notice of my photography and started to ask me to photograph their families, too! My business quickly went from a hobby to a career in a very quick period of time. It was actually rather shocking how quickly it all happened. Within three years I had gone from the 8-5, Monday through Friday corporate world to my own boss. What was so awesome about that was that I finally had the flexibility to do the things with my family that I had NEVER been able to do. I remember the first summer that I was officially a full time photographer. I sat at the top of the hill of our community pool, over looking my children swimming at swim practice, on a WEEKDAY! I was literally in tears. I couldn’t believe that I was finally able to do these things with them. And what is so funny about all of this is that I have THEM to thank for it. They were one of the big reasons I was even able to do all of this in the first place. They were my muses, my not always so willing subjects, and one of my big reasons for wanting to build something from the ground up. I’m forever grateful for their patience, their motivation, and their love. I’d also like to introduce all of them to you!

Firstly, this is all of us! Including our sweet, Anthony. We think he’s about 9 years old but aren’t sure. He is a rescue from Arkansas and we just adore him! Boxers are the BEST! Oh, and that handsome guy in the middle. That’s my husband, Eric and we have married for 13 years this May! While we don’t have a ton of time to do more than running around to soccer games, cheer competitions and horseback riding lessons with the kids, we LOVE traveling and good food. We’re definitely foodies, but only in the most open sense of the word. Meaning, we love ALL TYPES of good food. So, when the time allows, we love to escape to new places together and to eat ourselves silly.
Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6915.jpg

This is our oldest, Carlyn. She just turned 17 this January. She’s an avid soccer player! A goalie in fact. Her life revolves around school, soccer and soccer! She’s a great student and just a really REALLY great kid! I’m so proud that she is as focused as she is at such a young age. Can’t wait to see where the Oh. So. Near. Future takes her!! College is on the horizon!
Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6912.jpg
This is Adalyn. Most people call her my “mini-me”. She just turned 11 this October (we ALMOST share a birthday) and she’s also a big ball of energy and attitude (not sure where she gets that from ;). She’s probably one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. She LOVES all animals but horseback riding and cleaning stalls definitely makes her heart the happiest.

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6910.jpg
This is my sweet, little Aubrielle. She just turned 10 this January! She’s my smartie pants. She LOVES learning. Non-fiction books are her jam but she also really loves competition cheerleading and anything artistic. Sewing is definitely one of her favorites. She’s the quietest of the kiddos but I think that’s because she’s always plotting 🙂

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6909.jpg
And THIS is my sweet, baby Hayes! He just turned 4 in January (are you detecting a pattern here with the birthdays)? While we’re still figuring out what his interests will be, currently he LOVES transformers and he LOOOOOOOOOVES his mommy. In fact, he wants to marry me someday (his words). Oh, he really melts my heart!

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6911.jpg
So, that’s us! Crazy, perfectly imperfect, family! My big why everyday. The reason I keep truckin’ along when things get tough. The arms I love holding when things are great and when things aren’t what they should be. My life’s biggest blessings, the sweet faces that I love to kiss and my life’s greatest loves. But most importantly, my “WHY”!

Candice Adelle Photography Virginia Family Photographer_6914.jpg

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